This Mom Did a ‘Tiger King’ Themed Photo Shoot And OMG Did We Need This

Let’s all agree that things suck right now. Sure, if you are healthy and safe at home with your family and are sort of managing the homeschooling thing, then things could certainly be worse. Regardless of your situation, we could all use a hilarious distraction and thankfully that has come in the form of the hit Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’. But let’s not stop there – a ‘Tiger King’ inspired photo shoot featuring two kids? Forget about it!

Jennifer Lyn Holmes is our hero. She’s a photographer who’s currently pregnant with her 10th baby, and she’s completely obsessed with ‘Tiger King’. She recently put her skills to the test and staged a full-on Tiger King photo series starring her children that would even impress Joe Exotic.

Holmes said she was inspired to do the shoot after seeing the reaction of her sons, Carter, 18, Cadence, 14 and Ryder, 12, to Joe Exotic and his wacky life.

She could tell by the looks on their faces that a Joe Exotic-inspired photo shoot “had to be!”

“Their reactions on their face were killing me!” she tells CaféMom. And the seed was planted.

Together, the family worked to create the perfect Joe Exotic costume worthy of the Tiger King himself.

“The kids actually spray-painted his black church shirt with silver and my son took the chains off his wallet so we could tie them around the tiger’s neck,” she explains.

“Earlier that day, my daughter had clipped her hair extensions into Cavin’s hair and he was running around with a little mullet. Everyone was just laughing and laughing!”

“We loved the documentary … we are rednecks,” she told WKRN. “We have been quarantined way too long!” Same here, Jennifer. Same here.

Now, things didn’t stop with Joe Exotic, Oh, no. What’s a ‘Tiger King’ photoshoot without Carole Baskin? Enter her 5-year-old, Copelyn. It’s almost too perfect.

Holmes was praised when she shared the hilarious shot on social media, with some saying they ‘hadn’t laughed so much since the start of the coronavirus pandemic’. While some criticized the gun featured in the photo, it turns out that it is just a toy. The photos racked up over 100,000 shares and likes on Facebook.

Here’s hoping there’s a follow up photoshoot.

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