So Fetch! A ‘Mean Girls’ Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming to Los Angeles

Why Are You White Chocolate Mousse, anyone? The limit does not exist when it comes to our obsession with Mean Girls, which is why we are so excited that a pop-up restaurant inspired by the 2004 cult-classic comedy is coming to Los Angeles this spring.

While some of us are old enough (cough) to have seen the movie in theaters, it’s still super popular with teens and tweens today who stream it or have been lucky enough to have been to the Broadway show.

Tickets to Fetch (the name alone is reason enough to eat there) are $45 and include a three-course prix fixe meal and 90-minute timed entry into the restaurant. But it’s only open for a limited time. From April 18 to May 31, guests can wonder if butter’s a carb and choose an appetizer (Whatever Cheese Fries, Just Stab Caesar Salad or Buttered Bacon Muffin Bites), a main dish (All-Carb Diet Vodka Pasta, Gretchen’s Weiner Dog, Pusher Pepperoni Pizza or Just Stab Caesar Chicken Salad) and a dessert (Why Are You White Chocolate Mousse, Toaster Strudel Strawberry Shortcake Sundae or Kalteen Bar Hot Fudge Sundae).

And for not-regular, cool moms who want something a little bit stronger, the restaurant is also offering à la carte cocktails with names like the Too Gay to Function Fishbowl and the Spiked Glen Coco.

In addition to food and drink, visitors can expect branded merchandise and photo-ops, as well as the soundtrack and film playing in the background.

Oh – and on Wednesdays, the dress code is pink, obviously. So, get in, loser, we’re going to Fetch!

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