And Now There’s a Baby Shark Valentine’s Day Song

Just when you thought it was safe to give your tablets back to your kids, Baby Shark has a new (and super special) song just for Valentine’s Day — and it’s awfully contagious.

The aptly named “Valentine’s Day Sharks” follows the Shark family and their friends as they gather flowers, balloons, jewelry and cards for each other. Instead of running scared, the sea creatures in the background are dancing, singing and feeling the love.


The holiday themed song features the same melody, characters, and doo-doo-doo’s and a few additional lyrics (a slight reprieve with a short remix of the iconic children’s song “Skinnamarink”) and animated hearts and balloons just in time for the Feb. 14 holiday.

The Valentine’s Day version of the song already has over 13 million views on YouTube which is small potatoes compared to the original version of the song, uploaded in the summer of 2016, which has 2.3 billion views. But it’s still early and your household alone could jack that number up quickly.

Have your kids outgrown the Baby Shark craze or are they still obsessed with it?

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