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Stacy Keibler Is Married & Expecting Her First Baby!

Stacy Keibler has wasted no time in moving on with her life after parting ways with perpetual bachelor George ClooneyStacy tied the knot in Punta Mita last weekend with her beau of 8 months, Jared Pobre.  Not only did she get married to the surprise of friends and family who thought they were on a regular vacation with the couple, but she’s also pregnant with her first child!

Stacy PR team isn’t confirming anything just yet, but her exclusive wedding pics hit People magazine today and they worked hard to conceal the baby bump — in all but one photo, according to Page Six.  I’m sure they’ll be confirming the baby news soon and just wanted to bask in the wedding glow first.  If the rumor is true, congrats to Stacy and Jared!


Photo by Getty Images

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