30 Epic Duct Tape DIY Projects


11. Duct Tap Calla Lillies

These duct tape flowers would be a great project for a little kid to make. Or attach them to your office pens to keep them from disappearing. 

See the project at 101 Duct Tape Crafts.


12. Duct Tape Wallet

Every high school boy goes through a period of time with a duct tape wallet. Here is a comprehensive how-to on making one of your own.

See the project at WikiHow.


13. DIY Duct Tape Boots

The shoes really do make the outfit. The perfect way to finish off a killer costume is a custom pair of duct tape boots. These boots plus some duct tape masks, and you are halfway to a full superhero costume!

See the project at Sugar ‘n Spice Creations.


14. DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap

This project turned some kraft paper and red duct tape into the sweetest little package.

See the project at The Sweetest Occasion.


15. Duct Tape Bows

These little bows can be used for a number of things like hair clips, shoe lace clips, pencil toppers, earrings, and anything else you think needs a bow on it.

See the project at The Ribbon Retreat.


16. Duct Tape Feathers

An especially creative use of duct tape is to take a piece of wire and some scissors to your duct tape and make feathers. These make great gift toppers, but also would make an awesome art installation. 

See the project at Creative Me Inspired You.


17. Duct Tape Roses

Another entry into the duct tape flower category, these roses work great as pencil toppers or you can turn them into rings!

See the project at Craft Foxes.


18. Duct Tape Key Chains

These glam inspired key chains will help you never lose your keys. Make any color and pattern you like, but this mix of gold, silver, and white is extra pretty. 

See the project at The Crafty Blog Stalker.


19. Braided Duct Tape Ring

One more entry into the jewelry category, these little braided duct tape rings are super cute.

See the project at Craft Snob.


20. Sailboat Cupcake Toppers

These little cupcake toppers are adorable and would make the perfect addition to a nautical themed birthday party.

See the project at The Faux Martha.

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