27 Questions: Marissa Hermer of Ladies of London Fills Us In

You’ve lived in Orange County, New York City, and London. Home is wherever my family is, so LONDON!

Becoming a British citizen has been an emotional experience. I still kept my American Citizenship and US Passport, so thankfully I didn’t need to give anything up – yet. Still it was a very emotional milestone of my life – the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

You never thought you’d be on reality TV.

Being on Ladies of London has been an incredible adventure with a very steep learning curve.  

The best part about being on the show has been meeting some amazing women, developing lifelong friendships, and learning a lot about myself.

Balancing your job with the show and your kids is a circus act of juggling.

The most rewarding thing you’ve done professionally so far has been working with my fellow Ladies of London cast mates to create a new healthy menu for Bumpkin [a chain of restaurants that Hermer and her husband own].

The biggest challenge you’ve faced as a working mom is finding enough hours in the day to be a professional and a wife and a mother.

Having two boys is heaven. I feel so lucky.

For you, pregnancy was two totally different experiences. When I was pregnant with our first son Max, I was rubbing myself with body oils and going to prenatal yoga and Pilates classes and even playing Mozart to my bump… it was all about the bump. When I was pregnant with Jake, I was working a lot, had a toddler (Max) who I was running around after, and was filming Ladies of London — so I pretty much didn’t even think about my baby bump until I was getting kicked in the night OR until I went into the hospital to give birth!

The best advice you heard as a new mom was the first three months are all about survival. Don’t worry about anything else — it can wait — you’ve just got to think about surviving the first few months.

The advice no mom should ever follow is other people’s advice. You make your own rules here. Every mother does things differently. No one mother is an expert. We are all muddling our way through this crazy wonderful experience and hoping we are doing something right.

The thing that’s surprised you most about motherhood is you can have all the help in the world except actually, you don’t WANT to delegate the care of your children. I thought I would just get extra nanny help when I was working and it would be fine. No one ever told me I actually would WANT to spend all day with my babies.

You first met your husband about 10 years ago in London.

Being married to a Brit is a constant comedy show. I’m giggling from the time we wake up until we go to bed.

You keep things romantic despite your hectic schedules by date nights and little surprises.

Working with your husband is wonderful because we get to see each other! Thankfully we are great partners in our personal life as well as in our professional life. 

Your love of food and entertaining is inspired by growing up and having friends and family around. I always loved looking through Martha Stewart magazines and seeing beautiful place settings. But actually there wasn’t one inspiration. Really, as I’ve grown up and lived in different cities, I’ve loved gathering friends and family, creating little communities around me.

Wine, beer, or cocktails? All of the above depending on my mood! Some people dress for their mood — I drink for my mood! Beer on the beach, cocktails with my girlfriends, and wine with my husband.

Dessert or cheese course? ALWAYS BOTH!

Mealtime in your house is a feast. My husband and I love to cook together and switch off from the day, though we usually cook for an army of people so we always have good leftovers.

Your cookbook will introduce Americans to family-friendly comfort British food, like Shepherds Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Your American-concept restaurant will offer my childhood American favourite foods to Brits and Europeans.  We’re still developing the menu. Stay tuned!

When you’re not working you love to sit on a beach building sandcastles with my boys.

You beat stress by putting on my running shoes and running around Hyde Park.

The one thing you wish you could do more is spend more time with my California-based parents and New York based-brother.

Next, you hope to continue to build our food and drink empire with my husband.

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