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Tia Mowry: Why I Went Vegan

My health journey began when I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my late twenties. Endometriosis is a disease that effects fertility, and knowing that I wanted to have a family one day, this was a particularly difficult discovery for me. My doctor recommended I have two surgeries and see a nutritionist to discuss changing my diet.

The strategy worked! After undergoing two surgeries and sticking to a new diet for a year, I got pregnant and had my lovely son Cree. I truly believe that along with the surgeries, changing my diet was a major factor in my ability to get pregnant. This experience ignited my passion for veganism and sparked my understanding that food can, in fact, be a form of medicine.

I did tons of research about food and its effects on health. I began to read stories about how men, women, and children recovered from illnesses by becoming vegan. Cholesterol levels went down, diabetes were controlled, and many have been healed from certain cancers simply by changing diets.

Unfortunately, some of my loved ones have been affected by cancer, including family members who have lost the battle—probably much like many of you reading this today. I chose to become vegan because I wanted to make a conscious decision about my health and take control of my future and my family.

At first, my diet change was difficult. I had to relearn my way of eating and cooking, which took patience, time, and a lot of discipline. However after reading cook books, taking cooking lessons, and finding amazing self help tools such as Happy Cow (an app that finds vegan restaurants in your area) I found my self enjoying the journey.

My husband is vegan as well and that has helped my transition. Having someone in the house who shares my beliefs is a big bonus! Our son is not completely vegan yet, but his diet is very clean. He only eats fish and all his food is organic and fresh. He eats vegetables, grains, and fruit—no processed foods, sugar or gluten. I feel I need to educate myself more when it comes to children and their diets before he completely makes the shift.

After becoming vegan in January of 2013, I’ve never felt more energized, alive, and well! My migraines, eczema, and extreme fatigue are no longer an issue. I now have peace and joy knowing that I have taken control over my health and more importantly, making better decisions for myself and my family.

Before you make any changes in your diet always check with your doctor.

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