Matthew McConaughey Only Has Time For Acting And Fatherhood

Matthew McConaughey says he’s content in his role as family man and doesn’t want to spread himself too thin. 

Matthew, who welcomed his third child with wife Camila Alves four weeks ago, says that his family is his #1 priority.  “When you’ve got family, you have to pick your extracurriculars. Whoever has kids knows that, man. You have to pick and choose and go ‘wait, which is the one I really want to do because I ain’t watching all the Saturday’s football and I’m not watching all of Sunday’s.  I’m not going to be a kayaker, a snow skier and a marathon runner.’ No, you gotta zero in when you got kids and a family.”

Many actors and actresses wind up branching off into producing and directing and other projects, but Matthew says he wants to stick to acting as his only job.  ”I’m really enjoying being an actor for hire. I’ve been offered to produce some things and I’ve said, ‘No thank you’. I’m really enjoying my time getting ready for a role, my man, my characters, going to work, doing my best to nail it, finishing work and going, ‘That was a beautiful time. Thank you. See you down the road. I’m going back to my family.'”

Matt and Camila share three kiddos now – Levi, 4, Vida, 2, and Livingston, 1 month.


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