5 Unexpected Things About Labor Blog

5 Unexpected Things About Labor

It’s Labor Day and while I know the origins of this lovely September holiday are based in celebrating the  contributions of the working people, when I hear labor,

How to Buy a Purse Blog

How to Buy a Purse

The purse. That lovely – and useful – accessory every woman uses to cart around her life. When you’re a mom, buying a purse means you have to put in a bit more…

Christmas Shopping. Yeah. Blog

Christmas Shopping. Yeah.

As of the date of this post, I have completed 10% of my Christmas shopping. Yes. I said it. 10%.    I’m not normally this disorganized. In fact, last year I…

Grateful for My Kids Blog

Grateful for My Kids

It seems that having kids increases both my level of aggravation and my degree of gratitude each year. It’s worth it. Some things I am especially grateful for this…

Even My Eyeballs Are Pregnant Blog

Even My Eyeballs Are Pregnant

I am sitting outside a coffee shop when I see a cute girl standing at the register.  She’s in her mid-twenties, with shiny hair and a cute body. She looks so thin…