Christmas Shopping. Yeah.

As of the date of this post, I have completed 10% of my Christmas shopping. Yes. I said it. 10%.


 I’m not normally this disorganized. In fact, last year I handmade all my Christmas gifts. Yes. Handmade. I was obviously psychotic. As for my lack of shopping this year, I blame a variety of things: adjusting to being a single mom, tight finances, lack of time, lack of energy, depressed at the rampant materialism I see around me. The truth is, though, I procrastinated.


A lot.



I sat and drank tea on Black Friday, shaking my head at the pepper spray brigade. I spaced out on Cyber Monday, spending it catching up on some work. I was too busy hanging lights and ornaments the following weekend to do much more than idly wonder what I should get the kids. Then, we went to Disneyland and all of a sudden…


I realized Christmas was a week away.


I haven’t baked cookies.


I haven’t sent out cards.


I haven’t finished – or even started – most of my shopping.


I haven’t even opened all the appropriate drawers on our advent calendar.


Christmas is sneaking up on me and I’m no where near ready.


So I’ve let go.


I threw my hands up in the air and decided this year there won’t be cards. And we’re making cookies after Christmas. As for the gifts, well, I’m going to be visiting my friendly, grocery store gift card kiosk and calling it good.


We’ll just say I’m having a Slacker Christmas. I’m trying not to feel bad about that. In fact, I’m telling myself I deserve a caramel apple cider just for getting to the gift cards.


Now excuse me while I pour myself another cup of tea.


How early do you finish your shopping?

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