Baby Registry: Online Boutiques You HAVE TO Know About

Building your baby registry? Want to move beyond big box stores? You’re unique, and you want unique items for baby!

By searching through online boutiques, you’ll find products that fit your personal style, needs, and new family. Your baby registry can be an expression of you, not just what the big box store in your neighborhood has in stock.

If you’re unsure of where to start “boutique shopping,” here are a few great stores with some of my favorite products:


The Honest Company – While we know that this is now a pretty big company, their products are undeniably fantastic and something you currently can’t find at the large retailers. What’s even better is that they are affordable! Here is our full Honest Company Inspiration Registry. Some highlights:

  • Diapers – When you put your baby in Honest’s eco-friendly diapers, not only will he feel good and dry in them, but you will feel good about him wearing them (they are free of chlorine processing, PVC, and all things nasty). They even come in super cute patterns!
  • Wipes – Plant-based, natural cloth wipes that you will love using on your baby. You can also bundle the wipes and diapers to save even more money here.

Etsy baby registry

Etsy – Sometimes you want an item that is personalized for you. At Etsy you can find this and so much more, it’s an online craft fair! Here are some of our favorite items from this Etsy Baby Registry.

  • “I Rock” Onsie – Onesies are must-haves for any baby, so why not have one that your baby can rock in? If this isn’t your style, there are seemingly endless options of printed onesies made by Etsy crafters.


  • Little Lamb Wool Hat – You have seen this one before, on our home page! We love this hat (and adorable baby) so much that it’s our featured image. It’s great if you want something cute for baby pictures.
  • Onsie Extenders – Just brilliant. Babies grow so fast, wouldn’t it be nice to make a onesie last just a little longer?



Serena & Lily – If you’re trying to step away from Ikea (even though we love Ikea too!), Selena & Lily have some really lovely products and style options. They even have a “It’s a Surprise” section for parents who are waiting to know gender. Here are some of our favorite items, both small and big.


  • Crib Sheet – They have a huge variety of super cute crib sheets! The patterned sheets are really great because they don’t show messes quite as much.
  • Owl Baby Blanket – This blanket is unisex and just what you need for when baby is a little older.
  • Ellie Side Table – Add some style to your baby’s nursery – items like this really set a space apart.



Nordstrom – Now we know what you’re thinking, “Nordstrom isn’t a boutique!” And you’re right! But they sell a lot of boutique items, which is why we think they are a fantastic source if you want unique items but may not have a lot of time to shop around. Here are some of our favorite Nordstrom baby products, which you can also find on this Nordstrom Baby Registry.




The Animal Print Shop – When it comes to decorating a nursery, there are endless options. For wall decorations, we love these adorable prints of baby animals that you can mix and match in any way you choose.

  • Baby Monkey Print – There is not much more to say but aww. The “Little Darlings” Collection cannot be more perfect for a nursery.


  • Climbing Cubs Print – We love these cubs – we would love to see them in a twins room (if you ever do this, take a picture and send it to us!).

When I was pregnant, I wanted unique ‘non-box-store’ baby products like these on my baby registry. When I couldn’t find a registry that would do this, I decided to code one myself. And I launched BabyList baby registry 2 weeks before my son was born! You’re unique, your family is unique, and your registry should be unique just like you.

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