Car Seat Review

Product Review: Diono RadianRXT Daytona

Product Details:

  • when rear-facing, accommodates a child between 5 – 45 pounds
  • when forward-facing, accommodates a child between 20 – 80 pounds
  • when in booster mode, accommodates a child between 50 – 120 pounds and up to 4 feet, 9 inches tall

My Diono Radian Experience:

When my Diono RadianRXT Daytona arrived I was eager to open the box and check it out. Until I received this particular car seat, Diono is a brand I had not yet had the chance to use, but I was familiar with its stellar reputation. The seat appealed to me because it accommodates rear-face riders up to 45 pounds and has a tall back, which allows for taller children.

Convenience and Efficiency:

The Diono is modern and sleek, and it feels heavy and firm (the seat weighs 24 pounds), which given its steel alloy frame isn’t surprising. The car seat is especially narrow, boasting a width of 17 inches; this is essential for parents who wish to fit three car seats across one backseat.

I really feel as if the design of this car seat was made specifically for Type A Moms (like me!). There is a convenient place for absolutely everything you need on the seat: the LATCH (or locking) clips are clipped onto the seat, the tether stores neatly, the seat accommodates up to four cup holders, and the fabric is easy to wipe down, making cleaning up spills a breeze. Families who travel will appreciate that the seats fold easily and can be carried backpack-style.


I had my son sit in the seat on the floor so we could adjust the seat to fit him. It was now time to install the seat, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. My husband and I are fairly tall, which means in our car the driver’s seat is pushed pretty far back. The tall back that makes the RadianRXT Daytona seat great for taller children proves problematic for installing the seat in a rear-facing position when the driver’s seat is pushed back, and I was unable to get a proper seat angle. Fortunately, Diono has an Angle Adjuster than can be used to secure a proper angle in a situation like this: when the driver’s seat is pushed far back. After fighting with the seat for a bit and watching the installation video a few times (which was extremely helpful) I secured a proper install. I got a super tight fit and found it to be worth the additional time it took to get the seat secured properly. Once my son was in the seat I really liked that the longer seat bottom and adjustable sides seemed to offer more room and made for comfortable seating.

Safety Features:

I love that the SafeStop Energy Absorbing Harness and EPS foam offer added impact protection.

What the Experts Say:

After installing the car seat, I reached out to my nanny colleague Kathy Gutierrez, Child Passenger Safety Technician to see what she thought of my assessments. She agreed that the RadianRXT is good for three across and works for heavier children because it allows for up to a 45 pound in the rear-facing position. She also mentioned that the RadianRXT is great convertible seat because the harness height is so tall it will accommodate taller children both forward and rear-facing.


When mulling over car seats, take your own specific needs into consideration, Think about your vehicle’s make and model, as well as your child’s proportions. If you are interested in a seat with extended rear-facing options, I’d recommend this car seat without hesitation. The seat you choose should allow your child to fit comfortably while providing safety and the seat should fit easily into your car.

Diono provided a car seat for me at no cost in response to my request for this review.

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