Britax Car Seat

Product Review: Britax Advocate 70-G3 Carseat

Looking to buy a car seat? Safety, convenience, and efficiency should be your first priorities, so we took a look at the popular Britax Advocate 70-G3 to see if this strapping seat sits well with us. Before buying your car seat, find out which model will work best for your family; read the car seat review below.

Product Details:

  • when rear-facing, accommodates a child between 5 – 40 pounds
  • when forward-facing, accommodates a child who is up to 70 pounds
  • accommodates a child who is up to 4 feet 1 inch tall (leaving the standard 1 inch between the child and the top of the seat)

My Britax Experience:

I’ve had an affinity for Britax car seats since I first began using them in 1999 for my work as a parenting expert. I’ve always been impressed with the brand and the company’s commitment to safety. When the Britax Advocate 70-G3 arrived at my door, I wasn’t disappointed. The car seat appears comfortable and safe; the fabric is plush and the side impact cushion looks like it provides protection.

Installation and Convenience:

Very importantly, the Advocate 70-G3 is super easy to install, which is essential. I was able to get the correct tightness and proper seat angle on the first try—it literally took just a few minutes. The quick-adjust, no-thread harness makes it a cinch to adjust the seat perfectly for my son. Plus, the tangle-free five-point harness and the EZ-Buckle System (that prevents my child from sitting on the buckle and hurting himself) make getting him in and out of the seat fast and easy.

Safety Features:

What do I like best about this carseat? The Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator makes an audible click when the harness is adjusted within the proper snugness range. Another favorite feature is the Hugs Chest Pads with Safe Cell Technology which ensures that the harness is properly positioned on my son. This is important because although I currently use this seat in the rear-facing position, I plan to eventually use the carseat in the forward-facing position, so I appreciate that the seat will help prevent my child from moving forward, should a crash occur. At 2.6 years old and nearing 30 pounds and 36 inches, my son fits into the car seat perfectly and looks comfortable—an incentive to continue rear-facing until he reaches the maximum height or weight of the seat (whichever comes first).

What the Experts Say:

After installing the carseat, I reached out to my nanny colleague, Kathy Gutierrez, a Child Passenger Safety Technician to see what she thought of my assessment.  She agreed that Britax is the best bet for parents who want a super easy install, the Brtiax is their best bet.


This is a fanastic choice, but remember that even the best car seats aren’t one-size-fits-all. As a parent, you must take your own specific needs into account when choosing the best seat for your child; consider your vehicle’s make and model and your child’s proportions. If you are interested in a seat with extended rear-facing options, I’d recommend both of these car seat without hesitation. What seat works best will depend on how the seat fits into your car and how your child fits into the seat.

Britax provided a car seat for me at no cost in response to my request for this review.

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