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What You Can (And Can’t) Reuse For Your Second Child

Having a child is expensive, so it stands to reason that a parent will wonder what baby gear they can re-use when their second child arrives, and the answers may surprise you.  The biggest surprise may be that you can pretty much toss anything that has gone in your first baby’s mouth – as strong as your sterilizer may be.

“Nipples for the bottle and pacifiers should all be tossed because they can harbor bacteria, and this can be dangerous to a new baby,” says DrNeela Sethi MD, practicing pediatrician and lactation consultant. “If the actual bottle is in great shape, meaning not warped, those can be reused.”


Other common items that should not be reused for your new baby:

Crib Mattress

“Mattresses should be repurchased for your new baby,” says Dr. Sethi. “Your previous baby can change the shape of the mattress, causing denting, which can be dangerous to a newborn especially in the head region and can increase the risk of SIDS.”

Bath Products

“All bathing products should be repurchased for your new baby,” says Dr. Sethi. “These items have a shelf life and the fresher the better for newborn skin. A newborn’s skin is thin and more sensitive than older baby skin.”

baby gear
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Here is a list of common items that can be reused for your new baby:

Car Seat

“As long as the car seat has not expired and has not been in a car accident, it can be reused,” says Dr. Sethi. “Make sure to check your exact car seat for any new recalls since your last baby and for the expiration date as well.”

Baby Furniture

“Baby furniture can easily be used for your next baby as long as the paint and the wood are intact,” says Dr. Sethi. “Also check for sharp edges and cracks. Make sure your furniture has not had any recent recalls since your last baby. You can also consider re-sanding and re-staining, if necessary, with baby friendly products.”


“Baby strollers are great item to reuse for your next baby,” says Dr. Sethi. “Make sure that the fabric is intact and that the strollers folds and functions properly. Always check for recent recalls with any products that you will be reusing for your new baby. Things change year to year.”

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