Gila Pfeffer

Gila Pfeffer

Gila Pfeffer is an American writer and content creator who lives in London with her husband and 4 teenage kids who never flush the toilet.  She writes relatable, humorous stories about life with teens on her blog and, as a 10-year breast cancer survivor, is a staunch advocate of breast cancer prevention and awareness and laughing through the darkest times. 

 You can find her work on the parenting websites Grown & Flown,  Sammiches & Psych Meds, New York Times Parenting as well as Buzzfeed, Huffpost and Today Parents or connect with her on social media:

 IG: @gilapfeffer

Facebook: The Mom Who Knew Too Much

Twitter: @gilapfeffer

 She is working on a memoir about her unbelievable, yet entirely true, breast cancer experience. 


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