25 Things My Three-Year-Old Will Actually Eat

If you have young children, you quickly realize that your little angels are finicky bastards when it comes to food, especially during the toddler years. While you try your damndest to pack them full of vitamins and nutrients, they’re busy trying to squirrel away poison and other inedibles in their chubby cheeks. Here’s a rundown […]

Married Life

My Father Died Before His Time, Now I’m Worried About my Husband

At the end of last summer, my brilliant, compassionate, friend-to-everyone (myself included) Father died suddenly of a heart attack. I miss him reverently. That loss, that insane, intense loss, sent me into a tailspin. Because he wasn’t young, but he wasn’t old either. He was 72-years-old. He still worked part-time as a contractor after retiring […]


My Middle Kid’s Homework Habits Are Crushing My Soul

My first born kid was just easy. Easy to read, easy to get along with, easy to please. As he entered school, his personality stayed the same. He understood certain things were expected of him. Things like classwork and homework and putting away his toys. He was very independent and only had minor instances where […]