Most Popular Baby Names for Girls in 2012

Most popular baby names for girls 2012We wait eagerly every year for the the Social Security Administration to compile their data and report the most popular baby names from the previous year within the United States. Find out which popular baby girl names made the top 10 in 2012:

1. Sophia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: "wisdom"

2. Emma

Origin: German
Meaning: "all-embracing"

3. Isabella

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: "consecrated to God"

4. Olivia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: "olive tree"

5. Ava

Origin: Latin
Meaning: "blooming" or "birdlike"

6. Emily

Origin: Latin
Meaning: "eager"

7. Abigail

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: "a father's joy"

8. Mia

Origin: Italian
Meaning: "mine"

9. Madison

Origin: English
Meaning: "child of Maud"

10. Elizabeth

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: "God is my oath"

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