Best Road Trip Apps for Kids to Learn a Lesson (or Three)

I’m an analog mom in a digital world.  When I’m playing on the floor with my kids, I prefer puppets to electronic gadgets, paper books to Kindle and puzzles to video games.  But all of that goes out the window when we travel.  I have never boarded an airplane or hit the road for a lengthy trip without a full loaded iPad.  It’s as essential as food or water.  Now, my preschooler would be perfectly happy with 100 hours of Sofia the First, but I would like her to learn a little bit more than just how to be royal (as important as that is).  That’s why I’m glad there are so many fun yet educational apps for her to try.  And since we don’t use them much at home, they’re a real treat on the road.  

Pity our parents who had to sing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” until they ran out of breath (and by the way, a song about beer? For kids?). When my little ones are engrossed in their road trip apps, I can kick back and listen to the radio, play Words with Friends on my phone or have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband, which is almost as good as getting a massage while drinking champagne poolside, am I right?  Here are apps that will keep ’em busy and learning: 


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