Small Bites Outdoor Entertaining

altIn our house, “noshing” on our outdoor patio is one of our favorite ways to eat during the warmer months of the year. In some ways, this casual style of eating resembles the Tapas style dining that first originated in Spain. 

So you might ask the question, what exactly is noshing? To me, noshing essentially means we open up the refrigerator and locate some small bites of whatever food is readily available and requires no more than 5-10 minutes to assemble.  Next, we grab some small plates, a few simple utensils, and a beverage pitcher to set up a quick and easy, no-muss, no fuss meal or snack on our outdoor patio.
In my mind, noshing epitomizes the essence of what every mealtime should be about, and that is to bring family or friends together for nourishment and conversation. And the true art of noshing comes with being able to accomplish that with a minimal amount of culinary preparation & zero stress involved.
However, since I’m a confessed design addict, I’m never one to sacrifice providing style and ambience to any food gathering, no matter how informal it may be. And this is easily accomplished if you have a few stylish tabletop accessories and utensils always on hand to help stylistically pull things together in minutes.
So now that the weather’s starting to warm up, my mind is instantly drawn to anything beachy. So here are a few table accessories that might inspire you to nosh outdoors on your patio, terrace or even do something as simple as throw down a picnic blanket and nosh with your family on your lawn (if you’re lucky enough to have a lawn!).
altThe dreamy watercolor look found on these small sized Ocean Birds Plates are just perfect for noshing on small bites or desserts. The inspiration for their design was drawn from Baltra, which is one of the small islands that is located near the center of the Galapagos Islands, and you can’t get much beachier than that location. 

altWhen it comes to beverage serving pitchers, my all time favorite is always clear glass, like this classic Hole in the Middle styled pitcher, because then whatever beverage or fruit you choose to add to it, becomes a colorful part of your noshing presentation.

This iridescent glazed, shell shaped serving set is just perfect for serving small bites at your impromptu noshing session. The plate is 8-1/2″ in size and comes complete with 4 hand beaded appetizer forks that are fun sized utensils to accompany all of your small bites.

And last, but not least, don’t forget to include some of these 100 % cotton, easy care Currents & Coral ocean themed napkins for wiping away any crumbs that may have go astray during your Nosh Fest. 

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