Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids DIY


All of us could use a little organization in our kitchen this time of year when holidays hit. Before delving into cooking your annual holiday feast, prep your kitchen to keep clutter to a minimum. Mason jars provide a great way to catalogue and store foodstuff.  Here's a great DIY idea to store grains (and other items!) and label them neatly. Even if DIY crafts aren't your thing, you can handle this simple project that will help clean up your kitchen.



  • mason jars
  • mason jar lids
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • chalk
  • newpaper (or other protective layer for your surface


Step 1: I'm going to start with some jars of grains I'd like to label, but you can use any kinds of jars you like!  Remove and clean your lids thoroughly.


Step 2: Lay down your newspaper, and place the lids on the paper. Spray paint them with chalkboard paint.


Step 3: Let the lids dry completely. Then use your chalk to write your labels.


Step 4: Screw your lids onto the jars and display your pretty organization!



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