DIY: Rock Your Alphabet

This project is so entertaining!  And, a great summer-time craft.  It’s a fun way to teach a toddler their letters in a bright, whimsical approach. 

Or a great challenge for older kids to find how many words they can make using the entire alphabet.  My boys sure loved it!



  • 26 Smooth rocks
  • Various acrylic paint colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Sharpie
  • Clear Satin Glaze



Begin by washing and drying the rocks to remove any dirt


I picked out my rock shapes and assembled them in order before I started to make sure I was getting the right shaped rock for the shape of the letter.

Using your first paint color, begin painting the first letter. 


For a whimsical look, I added white polka dots around each letter.


After the paint has dried, outline each letter with the sharpie


Add detail to the dots, by adding a black dot to each polka dot!


Spray with glaze.  Once dry, turn over and spray the back of the rock too


Continue with all the other letters


Let your kids have fun!


And spell something nice.