Favorite Five Casual Toddler Dresses from The Kids' Dept. for Momtastic

Favorite Five Casual Toddler Girl Dresses

With over three feet of snow still in our backyard from this winter’s accumulation, I’m desperate for spring to come to Minnesota. If not just for the smell of those first flowers or the warm weather, then for the ability to walk down around the lake with my daughter in comfy spring dresses. With early spring blooms coming to the warmer parts of the country, I thought it was time to get a jump on some great casual toddler girl dresses for the little ladies.

Which is your favorite dress?



Polka Dot Chambray Dress

Bow Patterned Dress

Ruffled Front Sleeveless Dress

Pinstripe Sundress

Color Block Jersey Dress

More Little Girls’ Fashion:

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