Baby Sling

Random Comments (Some Funny, Some Rude!) I’ve Received While Babywearing My Toddler

Funny Comments:

“You’ve got your hands full!” Yuk, yuk. This one always amuses me because, in fact, the opposite is true. Babywearing makes for a hands-free mama!

“Mommy, there’s a baby in that lady’s shirt! This one came from a wide-eyed child in a shopping mall.

“Why have you got two heads?” Kids say the funniest things!  The little boy’s mom and I both cracked up when he said this.

Positive Comments:

“She looks so snug and warm in there” I hear this most commonly from the older generation, and it always makes me smile. Yes, she is lovely and warm, and so am I!

“That baby is just going to love his mama forever because of the extra time you put in to keep him cozy and close.” From an older lady. This one melted my heart.

“Aren’t those things great, they’re like strapping on a hug!” This sums up babywearing for me.

Rude Comments:

“People who can’t even afford a pram shouldn’t have kids.” A lady on a bus said this to my babywearing friend. First, not that it makes any difference but she was carrying her baby in a $250 woven wrap at the time! Second, sheesh!

“That poor baby, you should put her in a pram.” The woman who said this was pushing her screaming baby in a stroller while mine was happily asleep in a sling at the time.

And Finally, the Totally Weird Comments:

“Oh, that’s a baby! I thought you had a dog in there!” Ummmm…why would I have a dog in there?

“Must be convenient to drive with him like that!” Just in case you’re wondering, babywearers do not advocate for driving with the baby in the sling. We’re not weirdos! We take the same car seat safety precautions as most other moms. I can’t believe someone would think that!

“That looks great but what happens if it rains?” I explained I use an umbrella and my little one has a raincoat with a hood. She actually said, “Wow, I didn’t know you could use an umbrella with a sling!” Uh, yes, you can, but you have to pass an exam first.

“Is that a real baby?” Nope, I just really like carrying dolls around.

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