Walmart Launches Its First Clothing Subscription With Kidbox

Walmart has added a new aspect to its business that is bound to make parents everywhere smile. The retailer recently announced that it is partnering with Kidbox, a  curated and subscription-box company similar to Stitch Fix but focused only on selling clothing for babies, girls and boys.

The partnership deal with KIDBOX provides Walmart customers with a chance to get some personalized clothing styles from at least 120 top-of-the-line brands such as Butter Super Soft, Puma and BCBG at a lower price. Priced on or around $48 (50 percent off the retail prices of the items), each box will have five or four bundled items tailored to your kid’s needs and preferences.

A stylist, without charge, picks the clothes based on results of a child’s Kidbox personality quiz, as well as their favorite color, style preferences, season, location, and size (0 to 14 for girls, and 0 to 16 for boys). . Personalized selection at affordable costs – I’ll take it! To sweeten the offering, customers can also place automatic shipment requests as well as scheduled deliveries. Because never having to enter a store again with your kids is the gift that keeps on giving!

“Over the last year, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of kids’ fashion brands as part of our broader effort to establish as a destination for fashion. Our partnership with KIDBOX enables us to round out our offering with additional national and premium kids’ brands,” said Walmart U.S. eCommerce Head of Fashion Denise Incandela.

Another good thing about this offering is that it gives customers a chance to give back to the community. Walmart Kidbox shipments will also contribute to the subscription businesses’ “give back” program, where each box purchased translates to clothing given to a child in need, in partnership with Delivering Good.

“At KIDBOX, we pride ourselves on understanding kids’ fashion preferences while also creating moments for them to learn about the importance of giving back. We look forward to bringing KIDBOX to even more parents and kids, inspiring them to do good in their communities and amplifying the voices of our Kids Board of Directors, Little Leaders and Community Moms programs,” said KIDBOX CEO Miki Berardelli.

Interested in the subscription service? Here are a few cute samples of bundled items designed and made by Walmart and KIDBOX.Walmart, KIDBOX Unveil Personalized Clothing Subscription ServiceWalmart, KIDBOX Unveil Personalized Clothing Subscription ServiceWalmart, KIDBOX Unveil Personalized Clothing Subscription Service

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