10 Overnight Beauty Products That Work Magic While You Sleep

Most of us don’t wake up with glowing skin and bright eyes. But there’s a good reason why the term beauty sleep exists. See, while you catch some zzzs, your skin goes into repair mode, making this the optimal time to treat your complexion with overnight beauty products. And let’s not forget the time-saving element.

Sure, you could spend your (already busy and rushed) mornings on a complicated beauty routine while searching for lost sneakers and making lunches. Or, you can beautify while you snooze, and wake up looking better than you did when you hit the sack. Whether you’re battling dry skin, dull hair, or pesky breakouts, there’s no shortage of miraculous overnight beauty products that let you fight your beauty woes while you slumber.


Ahead, 10 of our favorite overnight beauty products for your hair, skin, and nails. Sweet dreams!

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