This Is Why We Aren’t Giving Up Our Flip-Flops

I’m sitting in a comfy chair in my favorite salon getting my grays covered, gazing down at my new rhinestone-studded flip flops. They make me deliciously happy and have been doing so since I was old enough to walk in them properly– it’s flip-flop season, bitches and this is the only thing I’ll have on my feet for the next few months, despite seeing an article the other day about how slides are in and should replace our beloved flip-flops.


And one a few months ago about how bad they are for our feet.

And another story about how lots of people think flip- flops are unattractive because they show “too much foot” and most people think feet are ugly.

First of all, we don’t care what other people think of our beloved feet or our flips. Also, while I love slides and have a few pairs, there was a sentence in particular that pissed me off, royally– there was talk about how we now need to upgrade our flip-flops to slides.

My vote is no. Flip-flops don’t need an upgrade. They are fine just the way they are. I’m thankful I can just let my feet swell away in the sweltering heat and still get a pair of shoes on these damn feet of mine that reject all other shoes as soon as the temperature reaches 65 or above.

Flip-flops are one of the reasons why I love summer. My thongs don’t need an upgrade, thank you very much. In fact, they are perfect the way they are and I’ll never let anyone take away from me or my ugly, callused feet.

I have silver; I have gold; I have black, red, and green.

They are cheap enough so you can buy every damn color, and lately, I’ve been seeing a few pairs with pom-poms. How’s that for a flip-flop upgrade?

Flip-flops will never go out of style, I don’t care what some article in a glossy magazine says. They can try and shame us for our flop love, but I don’t know a woman out there who doesn’t love to slip on a pair of thongs and hit the road.

They’re easy; they’re breezy; they were made to make us feel good about ourselves.

So, women of the world, we know we won’t stop buying them no matter what some article says.

Flip-flops look great with leggings, little dresses, and our pajamas. They are cheap and easy in all the right ways. With everything else in our lives being so complicated, why would we ever feel the need to get rid of them?

Rant over; I just saw the cutest pair leopard print pair that I need to buy before they sell out.

Happy flip-flop shopping, lovers.


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