The Funniest-Ever Holiday T-Shirts for Kids

What’s better than a funny holiday t-shirt on a kid? I mean, I love all the traditional stuff that comes with this time of year, but, there is a side of my sarcastic, jokester nature that loves the clever, not-so-serious side of the holidays. Funny holiday tees for the kiddos are exactly the stress relief I need as we wait kinda, sorta patiently in what feels like the thousandth line to nab a deal. Of course, we’re always behind someone that’s taking 20 minutes to complete their extreme coupon transaction, or someone who is super confused about each price that rings up on their order. While I silently count backwards from 10, I can glance at my cute girls, read their funny holiday t-shirts, and be transported, at least mentally, to a much merrier place.

I’ve rounded up some funny holiday t-shirts for kids to help you let off some steam with a little laughter as you wait in line, circle the lot for a parking space, and hunt for deals this holiday season.