Rawr! 9 Animal Outfits for Babies and Kiddos (That Keep Them Warm!)

If we're all being truly honest with one another, the real reason we have kids is to dress them up in animal gear, am I right? Sure, there's the whole creating life, leaving a legacy, rediscovering joy and wonder, creating a family, finding a purpose outside of yourself, but, really, isn't it just so we have somebody to put bunny ears on?

Which is why winter is the perfect season – it calls for hats, coats, and hoodies, all sporting every manner of eyes and ears. So, I say, go forth and let your child bark, meow, and rawr their way through the cold. Because a puppy may be cute, but a toddler dressed up as a puppy? RIDICULOUS. Check out the slideshow for the most amazing animal outfits for babies and kiddos:

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