Cute Kiddie Swimwear

So it’s time to get the boys and girls new swimwear. This season’s looks are bright, playful, and embellished, and there’s no shortage of great styles for young ladies and gents.

Here are a few suggestions on hot designs and brands in cute kiddie swimwear.

Black and white

From babies to tweens and all girls in-between, black and white remains one of the most tried-and-true juxtaposing colours in fashion, and this season’s swimwear is no exception. Think psychedelic swirl motifs like those you’ll find at stores such as Old Navy, whimsical polka dots and stripes, and even animal prints (a little diva decked out in a zebra motif bikini is beyond adorable.

You can even find board shorts for the boys that are flashy in bold black and white. They can be paired with any colour top, meaning it’s easy to get plenty of use out of such shorts for the entire summer season. Pick up a few mix-and-match pairs at H&M.


The electric shades that enjoyed their heyday back in the 80s and 90s have returned with a vengeance and are more popular than ever. From hot pink and neon lime green to lively blues and shocking oranges, shelves are packed at H&M and even the Gap with punk era colours and flashback geometric patterns on every style of swimwear. Go ultra-retro and throw in a pair of snazzy neon sunglasses or running shoes for good fashion measure.

Frillies and lace

Wee princesses will be strutting pool- and seaside with dainty swimsuits adorned in girly details like lace bikini bottoms, tiny bows or ribbons, and sweet floral prints. Dressing up your little girl for some water play has never been so fun (or adorable). Souris Mini has a number of styles to choose from.

A nod to grown-ups

Cute kiddie swimwear this season is taking a cue from mommy and daddy’s bathing suits – you’ll find looks for boys and girls that mimic grown-up swimwear cuts, such as one-shoulder models or even one-pieces for girls that have a built-in skirt (the perfect saggy diaper disguiser for infants).

Don’t forget the accessories

What’s a great swimwear ensemble without a few cutesy details, such as sandals, sunglasses, or great head gear? We love the canvas hats that can be found at Baby Gap, not to mention the charming straw hats that H&M are already carrying for boys as well as girls. And Souris Mini carries a range of cloth headbands that match some of their baby swimwear prints for a very together (and pretty) beach bum look.

Credit: Boys swimwear from H&M

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