Sanuk Sandals: Stylish & Comfortable Shoes For Guys

On a recent trip to the beach, we discovered Sanuk shoes.  Tucked away in the corner of our favorite clothing store was a display of Sanuk shoes. 


My brother in law had tipped me off to them when he had come home with a pair the day before.

A sign at the store proclaimed that these shoes were more comfortable than sandals.  We decided to give it a shot. 

My husband loves these shoes.  He got a pair of the Hey Jute $60 and wore them the rest of our time at the beach.

Of course my 7 year old immediately wanted a pair too.  He tried a pair on and they were so cute on his feet, I couldn’t resist.   We got him a pair of the Standard Kids $42.

Check them out at  They also sell some comfortable looking flip flops and other fun summer shoes!