6 Summer Fruits to Feed Baby (& How to Prepare Them)

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I’ve never had a problem getting my son Mason, almost four, to eat fruit. Back when he was a baby enjoying his first bites of juicy strawberries and lush peaches, I would spend hours chopping and pureeing fresh fruit (and veggies and meats); I couldn’t wait to introduce him to new flavors and textures. And my expressive baby made the tasting process so fun: He would smile and gurgle and clap his hands, instantly loving the fruit on his plate. (Unlike green veggies the sweet stuff is an easy sell!) 

Now that I’m about three weeks away from giving birth to my second baby, I can’t wait to go through the whole trying-new-foods/pureeing process again. There’s something incredibly rewarding about making homemade baby food, and it’s even more rewarding when your baby delights in every bite. Here are some of the best fruits to feed baby available right now at your farmer’s market, with instructions on how to puree each one and what to mix the good stuff with if your baby is ready for multi-ingredient purees.

Strawberries     strawberries-babys-first-food

Why: This nutrient-rich superfood is loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

Puree it: Wash strawberries and slice in half. If berries are underripe, steam three minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water. Puree for a smooth texture. Freeze in two-ounce portions for up to three months.

Mix it with: Bananas, pears, peaches, pears, apples

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