Snack The Right Way With My Healthy Sweet Potato Loaf

This easy Sweet Potato Loaf recipe makes a great snack for the entire family!

I’m all for trying to add extra vegetables into my kids (ok, and mine as well!) diets, however this can be a struggle at times. This Sweet Potato Loaf is the answer, it gives us a nutritional boost thanks to it’s high sweet potato content and even better, the kids think they are getting a treat – yay!

Snack The Right Way With My Sweet Potato Loaf

This recipe makes a lovely and dense loaf and with no added sugar, it gets its sweetness from the baked sweet potato. Sweet Potato is a great source of dietary fibre, niacin, folate, magnesium and calcium and thanks to sweet potatoes having a low GI, it will help you feel fuller for longer, making this a great lunchbox snack or even breakfast – try lightly toasting it under the grill and add a little honey! You only need five ingredients to put it together and given the simplicity of the method, it’s also a great one for the kids to help you with – my boys loved helping me mash and stir the mixture!

Snack The Right Way With My Healthy Sweet Potato Loaf

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