Banana Sushi + 4 More Super-Healthy Afternoon Snack Ideas

  • When the kids roll through the doors after school it’s ‘expected’ that us mummas will have something ready to go for their hungry mouths. Let’s be honest, some days we do and others we don’t – that’s just how life goes. So, in a quest to help you to get something healthy into their hands quick sticks that won’t put them off their dinner, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites.




    1. Kale Chips

    Kale chips get a bad wrap. Yes, they’re green but many kids love them (no, really they do). The key is to cook them low and slow at home and pack them with lots of flavour. Here are the golden rules to making your own batch at home.

    1 cup pancake recipe

     2. Pancakes

    Pancakes need not be just for breakfast. I’m often popping them in the kids’ lunchboxes for morning tea or serving them as a super healthy afternoon snack. Make a big batch so they last you a few days. Here’s the 1 cup pancake recipe we love . The pancakes taste great and are ready in a flash.


     3. Pudding, the chia variety

    The best part about this pudding is that it’s made in one minute flat. Make a big batch before picking the kids up from school. By the time you get home, the chia seeds will be nice and plump and the pudding will be ready for you to add whatever fruit you have on hand.


     4. Apricot Balls

    Apricot balls are great but the problem with the store-bought variety is that they are packed with sugar and preservatives that create havoc on small bodies, especially those with respiratory issues. Switch over to these 4 Ingredient Apricot Balls for a healthier option. They freeze well too so make a big batch to save for busy afternoons or lunchboxes that need a sweet treat.

    5. Banana-nutty sushi

    Banana-nutty Wrap Recipe

    When the kids roll through the doors after school it’s […]

    Prep Time:
    Cook time:


    • banana: 1
    • flat bread: 1
    • peanut butter: 2 tablespoons



    This one is such a cinch – the kids could make it themselves, even if they’ve had a big day playing soccer and falling asleep during Maths.

    Step 1:

    Lay the flat bread on a flat surface and spread the peanut butter over the whole base.

    Step 2:

    Peel the banana and lay on an edge

    Step 3:

    Roll the flat bread up fairly tightly, starting at the banana end. Slice into 3 cm 'sushi' rounds before serving.

    Stacey Clare’s Nutritional Tip:

    When possible, eat fruit with a source of protein as it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. The peanut butter is the source of protein in this recipe and it will keep children fuelled with enough energy to conquer their busy afternoon of homework and play.

    More great snack ideas for kids: