8 On-the-Go Snacks Kids Love (& Moms Approve Of)

When it comes to snacks on the go, handy and healthy should be your motto. Even the busiest of moms can be ready for any kids snack attack with a little planning and preparation. Designate a snack bin in the refrigerator and a snack drawer in the kitchen and stock them full of handy and healthy snacks. This way you’ll always be ready with individually portioned and easy to grab snacks that you can take with you wherever you go (and you’ll be better able to resist a trip through the drive-thru!).

1. Trail Mix

Buy premade trail mix or make your own by filling a bowl with a handful of each: whole grain cereal, dried fruit, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, raisins, and pretzels. Mix the ingredients together and put a handful of the mix into a bunch of small Ziploc bags.

2. Cheese

Pick up an assortment of individually wrapped cheeses and store them in the fridge. Individually wrapped mozzarella sticks and cheddar cheese rectangles are great for on the go.

3. Granola or Cereal Bars

Individually wrapped, nutrition-packed bars make for great hunger crushers in the car.

4. Fruit 

Fresh fruit like bananas and apples are great for on the go. Dried fruits like raisins, prunes and apricots are great too.

5. Veggies 

Raw veggies like baby carrots, broccoli and celery are great take along snacks. Top the celery with peanut butter or offer a veggie dip for added flavor. 

6. Cracker Sandwiches 

Make your own cracker sandwiches by sandwiching peanut butter or cheese between two whole grain crackers. Stack up a few cracker sandwiches and wrap them in plastic wrap for easy grabbing.

7. Whole-Grain Pretzels (or Crackers) 

Throw a few pretzels or crackers into a small Ziploc bag and voila, a great and filling snack for on the go.

8. Portable Yogurt in a Tube 

These individual portions of yogurt are great because they can be frozen and taken with you. They can be eaten straight from the freezer or when they’re completely defrosted.

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