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Keep it Simple: Colorful Finger Food Ideas for Babies

It’s no secret that establishing healthy eating habits early on will help shape a child’s palate. Studies have shown that children who were exposed to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in their early years tend to be healthier. These children also continue to enjoy fruits and vegetables into their later years.

Healthy eating is for the most part, simple eating. When it comes to feeding our children, simplicity can be salvation as parents rush about during the day and evening doing all the tasks and chores that keep the family well-fed, in clean clothes, and otherwise warm, cozy and happy.

Sometimes, we as parents over-think the things that need to be done; this is particularly true when it comes to feeding our littlest ones.

The easiest way to feed babies and children is to start getting them used to eating all the foods that the family eats. Peas and carrots usually grace dinner tables everywhere and the good news is that these vegetables can be served to babies. Peas and carrots (these above are of the frozen variety – another time saver) can be pureed or mashed and squished or just served up as is. How you serve peas and carrots will depend on your baby’s age and stage.

If your little one is happily self-feeding and has great pincher/finger control, keep her busy and healthy by serving up peas and carrots as they are. The colorful combination of green peas with lovely orange carrots will engage baby’s senses and his tastebuds too! Of course, please be sure to properly supervise your kiddos whenever they are eating and never leave them alone.

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