Orange and Carrot Puree for Baby

It is true that the color of a food gives insight into the nutritional profile of that food. Look at the humble carrot for example. It's a wonder vegetable that is grown in the ground and when it is harvested, it is yanked from the earth all covered in dirt. The carrot is not a glamorous vegetable but what it lacks in style and pizazz it more than makes up for in nutrients. Carrots are a great choice for one of baby's first foods. Pureed carrots are tasty, easy to digest and offer up a large amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and even Calcium.

One of my favorite ways to prepare carrots is to roast them and occasionally, I either add in some orange juice or I toss in a few mandarins in the pan prior to roasting. The addition of the oranges perks up the taste of the carrots and may add a nice sweetness or even a delightful tangy-ness. I would recommend the addition of oranges/citrus around 10 months old and for those little ones who have had no digestive upsets or issues with rashes due to foods. If your baby has any food sensitivities thus far, it may be wise to hold off on introducing citrus until after 12 months of age. While oranges, lemons or even limes do not necessarily pose an allergy risk, the acidity can cause tummy upsets and even rashes around the mouth and possibly on the bottom. Citrus fruits are one of the best sources of Vitamin C and even fiber. When you are able to, incorporate them into your little one's diet as often as possible.



To create a very orange carrot puree, simply cook up some carrots, toss the cooked carrots into a blender or food processor and then add in a few mandarins. Puree as needed until you have the texture that your little one enjoys.

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