Carrot Soup

Velvety Carrot Soup Recipe for Spring

With spring on the horizon I am finally putting away my chunky winter soups in favor of lighter spring flavors. This velvety carrot soup is one of my favorites because it is always fun to serve around Easter. It is smooth and satisfying without being too heavy. The kids also love the Easter bunny reference. One year my daughter asked if this is what we should leave for the bunny instead of carrot sticks! Ha! The nice thing for busy parents is that this is really easy to make. It comes together on the stovetop in under an hour. It also freezes well, so it is efficient to double the batch and freeze half for another time. To fancy it up you can always add a dollop of sour cream on top. Or, swirl a little homemade chive oil on top for an extra bump of flavor.

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