Green Beans Baby Food Recipe

Green Beans for Baby Recipe

Green Beans Baby Food RecipeHave you ever looked at green beans in a store-bought baby food jar? The dull sludge that comes in jarred green beans baby food is not appetizing, nor does it even look like green beans! Courtesy of industrial cooking and canning, the processing of baby food turns once vibrant and tasty foods into dim and uninspiring puree. Awed by the vibrant and lively color in the image above? Achieving this is easier than you think!

Feed Vibrant and Healthy Green Beans to Baby

When prepared and cooked at home, green beans are an intense, vivid green color. The vibrant color is more than just pretty, it’s an indication that the food that has retained the most of the precious nutrients and flavor. When you look at the color of jarred green beans (or at green beans that come out of a can) and notice that drab olive color, you can be fairly certain of the taste and nutrition that lie within. 

There is one small issue with preparing green beans at home for baby food: it may be difficult to turn green beans into a very smooth puree for baby. Blended green beans tend to come out a bit chunkier than other vegetables like sweet potatoes or carrots. Peas also have a texture issue when you puree them at home. But, don’t dismiss these as great baby food choices!

Keep in mind: the chunkier texture might not be an issue for your little one. You will never know until you offer the foods to your baby; don’t assume that your baby will dislike and reject a food because you think he won’t like the texture, color or taste—let him decide. Always keep your food preferences and aversions out of your baby’s mealtime. Remember, you are molding your baby into a healthy eater and establishing a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

Cooking and Preparing Green Beans for Baby


  • green beans (fresh or frozen)


Step 1: If you are using fresh green beans, snap or trim off the ends.

Step 2: Steam the green beans in a small amount of water. Use a steamer basket if you have one; this applies to both fresh and frozen green beans.

Step 3: Blend green beans in a food processor or high-powered blender.

Green Beans Baby Food - Step 1

Step 4: Cool and serve.

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Maggie Meade is the author of The Wholesome Baby Food Guide.

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