3 Back to School Lunch Ideas

I’ve started to make a list of few new items to try for back-to-school lunchbox ideas this fall. I am always looking for new inspiration not only for myself, but for my daughter.



She is a good eater and I want to keep her happy and surprised so we don’t get into a crazy jelly sandwich rut by October. I am going to try a few of these awesome recipes and see how they go over. What would you try?

1) Ham & Cheese Bread: Why not try this awesome bread for a school lunch? It is packed with healthy carbs and protein and would be excellent for a filling lunch. I think my daughter will love it.

2) Quiche: I slice of quiche would be great for a lunchbox, I think. It is healthy and filling and will stay fresh when packed with an ice pack for the morning.

3) Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs: These tasty meatballs would be perfect for a healthy lunch. I can warm them up in the morning and pack them in foil to stay warm until lunchtime.