Memorial Day Picnic Ideas

These are five of my favorite picnic recipes that are great for toting along with you or just serving at a casual barbecue. I hope you all have a fabulous and fun Memorial Day weekend! —

1. Grilled Lemon Chicken: This classic dish would be perfect for any cookout. Enjoy it with a nice salad on the side and brownies for dessert.

2. Roasted Spring Asparagus: There is nothing like a delicious spring vegetable to complete a healthy picnic meal. Make this in the oven and serve it in heaps to your guests!

3. Peppery Caprese Pasta Salad: This terrific salad is so easy to make and everyone adores it. Best of all, you can make it ahead of time and serve it whenever you want!

4. Peppermint Brownies: A classic brownie recipe always hits the spot when it comes to picnic desserts. Take these portable brownies nearly anywhere you have to go!

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