Making Homemade Baby Food

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive from panicked parents looking for advice because their homemade baby food did not turn out “right”. Please don’t panic or worry if the baby food you make, comes out looking nothing like the food that comes in a jar. Don’t compare your homemade baby food to the jarred versions you buy in the market, because you’ll never be able to duplicate that colorless, thin and runny texture. Instead, rejoice in knowing that the food you have made retains its authenticity, its nutrients and its color and vibrancy.

There is no one right or wrong texture for baby food. The only “right” texture of baby food is the

texture that your baby accepts and likes! Rather than worrying needlessly, offer the food to your little one and just see how it goes. You may be surprised to see that your baby will eat it, even with all its little lumps and bumps. Just look at the image of the raw peach puree above, the size of the pieces compared to the tip of a small paring knife says it all!

Important Note:

If you’re making the switch from commercial to homemade baby food, try mixing in ¼ homemade

to ¾ commercial and then slowly increase the ratio of the homemade food as you introduce it to your baby. It is easier to start your baby on homemade foods than it is to switch to commercial and this is due mainly to the texture.

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