Easter Brunch Recipes For Adults & Babies, Too!

Brunch can be as laid-back or formal as you like and doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. We especially love brunch foods for dinner in my home! The combination of breakfast and lunch items actually means you have more options when it comes to which foods to prepare. A variety of different foods can served at brunch, ranging from traditional breakfast foods like bacon, eggs, and pancakes to more lunch-inspired items, like vegetables and seafood cocktails. Traditional brunch menu items most usually consist of he following:

  • eggs
  • proteins 
  • toast, waffles, or pancakes
  • potatoes or sweet potatoes
  • fresh fruit
  • granola
  • yogurt or yogurt parfaits
  • fresh, roasted, or sauteed veggies
  • healthy dessert

With these recipes, you can put together a traditional Easter brunch menu for the family without having to exclude babies and toddlers. These healthy meals are flavourful enough for adult palates but will also have the kids and littlest ones excited about getting in on the action! All make easy enough finger foods for little ones to grab, in flavors that work for all ages.

Coconut Cinnamon French Toast Fries Recipe


Pumpkin Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

pumpkin pancakes Mini Ham Spinach Quiche Recipe


Blueberry Mango Overnight Oats Recipe

blueberrymangovoernightoats  Shrimp Cocktail Recipe


Quinoa Sweet Potato Hash Recipe


More Easter Brunch Recipes:

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