Foolproof Iced Tea

Throughout the summer, iced tea is my drink of choice. It’s cool, refreshing, and simple to make. Here is my foolproof method for mixing up a batch of fabulous iced tea.

There are lots of different ways to make iced tea. I like things simple, so this is mine:

1) Place two tea bags in a mason jar.

2) Pour hot water into the jar.

3) Allow the tea to steep for about an hour, or until it is to your desired richness.

4) Then, remove the tea bags, screw the lid on tight, and place the jar in the fridge.

5) Wait about an hour and a half to allow the tea to cool

That’s it!

Depending on my mood, I doctor my tea in differents ways: sometimes make simple syrup, other times I simply drink the chilled tea without sweetening, or I toss in a big wad of torn mint leaves and lemon slices. No matter how you like it, make this tea in the flavor of your choice and have fun with it!

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