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You Need This One-Pan Lemon Orzo With Parmesan & Peas in Your Life

I love it when I discover ways to simplify weeknight dinners. I’ve found that one-pot dinners and side dishes are the answer to keeping family meals on the quick and easy side. If you haven’t already added orzo to your weeknight meal rotation, then this delicious, no-fuss lemon orzo recipe with parmesan and peas will instantly make you a convert. It’s a favorite in my family, and it’s toddler approved! Even better, cleanup is a breeze—it only dirties one pan!

To make it, all you need are about 20 to 25 minutes, one pot, some orzo (I use whole-wheat orzo), some garlic and shallots, broth, parmesan cheese, peas, and a little lemon zest and juice. That’s it. Cook your pasta (you don’t even need to drain it), then toss in the rest of the ingredients. The hardest part is actually restraining yourself from eating giant spoonfuls before serving.

Get dinner on the table in a hurry with this incredibly simple, one pan lemon orzo with parmesan and peas.

Lemon Orzo Recipe

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