These Cheesy Baked Brussels Sprouts Are Impossible to Resist

green-white-brussels sprouts-melted cheese

I don’t have any memories of eating Brussels sprouts when I was a kid because nobody ever made them in my house. I don’t think they were really a thing then. But as I have gotten older, they have become more popular and I have grown to really enjoy them. I’m pretty sure I was first introduced to them as a roasted or sautéed dish but since then I have seen Brussels sprouts prepared in many different variations.


If you like Brussels sprouts, you will love this cheesy baked Brussels sprouts recipe. And if you think you don’t like them — or if your kids think they don’t like them — this recipe will very likely change your mind and theirs!  This comforting cheesy baked Brussels sprouts side dish has a touch of spice, a splash of cream, and just the right amount of delicious nutty-buttery cheeses to turn Brussels sprouts into a huge hit for the whole family.  And all in just 30 minutes!

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