6 Ways to Turn a Roast Chicken into a Meal

  • If you’re anything like me roasted chicken with oodles of baked veg for dinner is devoured in our home. The breast is always the meat to go first, followed by a leg and after that, our family of 4 is done. In to the fridge it goes and all to often it’s forgotten about until the use by date is well passed.

    So in a quest to use up all the leftover roast chicken whilst making your dinner and lunchboxes a little more relaxed, choose one of these 5 recipes to use up any leftovers.


    1. Make a filling quiche. Just lightly shred the chicken and stir in some herbs and eggs, voila. Lunchboxes are done for the next few days. Try this superfood quiche recipe just substitute the bacon for chicken, easy.
    2. Whip up some tacos. Tacos are always a family favourite and made even easier when you have a quick dressing to pop on the shredded leftover chicken. Give this recipe of zingy lime tacos a try.
    3. Try some potato boats. I make potato boats (potato skins) with leftover veg, rice or meat, basically anything I have on hand that needs using up. Simply grab a potato or sweet potato and let it cook away in the oven until soft. Scoop out the flesh and load up the skins with chicken, herbs and all things yum. Cover with cheese and bake for a little longer until gooey and perfect. This is a good recipe to try if you haven’t made potato boats before, just make sure you pop the leftover chicken in.
    4. Make pasta. A family favourite for good reason, it’s delicious. Try this simple and delicious one pot pasta version with your leftover chicken.
    5. Make a salad. Shredded chicken turns a humble salad into a protein-packed lunch that will see you through until dinner. Try this Quinoa Chicken Salad recipe – the honey-mustard dressing is perfection with chicken – but you could add shredded chicken to any of your favourites (Chicken Caesar Salad, anyone?)
    6. Use the bones and make a stock or bone broth. This is my favourite way to use up chicken because after you’ve eaten all the meat you can still get use from it. I like to make these recipes with bone broth. Here’s how to make it:

    Leftover roast chicken stock

    We've often got leftover roast chicken after a meal -- here's how I make sure it's all used up.

    Prep Time:
    Cook time:
    Servings: 8


    • Chicken bones, skin and any leftovers: 1
    • Carrot: 1
    • Celery stalk: 1
    • Leek: 1/4
    • Bay leaf: 2
    • Salt & pepper: pinch
    • Apple cider vinegar: 1 teaspoon
    • Water: 6 cups


    In a large saucepan place all the ingredients, ensuring that the chicken is well covered. If not, feel free to add more water until it is. Allow the stock to cook over a medium heat, scrapping the foam off the top every hour or so. Drain and store in the fridge for up to a week or the freezer for a few months.


    More great family dinner recipes:

    Bottom image: Stacey Clare