15 Easy Grilled Vegetarian Entrees My Kids Will Actually Eat

Once grilling season hits, you’ll be hard pressed to find me cooking meals in the kitchen anymore. The quick prep and cleanup for my favorite grilled meals frees up so much of my time. The conundrum is that I don’t want to be feeding my kids grilled meats every night of the week. It’s super easy to throw chicken and corn on the grill (and they love it), but it’s not ideal for our household. Also, it gets completely boring.

Figuring out a repertoire of grilled vegetarian meals for my family was a challenge. My kids aren’t obsessed with vegetables, and while it’s easy to throw together a few grilled veggies as a side dish, moving them to the star of the meal has been challenging. But, I’ve tinkered with a few recipes I collected over the years to find a nice selection of easy grilled vegetarian entrees that my kids will actually eat.  It is about so much more than regular grilled vegetables, because, let’s get real: that’s not going to fly with my kids. Here are some of our favorite easy grilled vegetarian entrees, perfect to feed you through summer. Give them a try, and I don’t think you or your kids will miss the meat at all.

More Recipes for Grilling:

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