15 Spinach-Filled Dishes That Even Kids Who Hate Spinach Will Eat

Spinach is just one of those things that my kids absolutely abhor. If they can see it, they don’t want it. I have no delusions that if I just have them eat a little sauteed spinach or spinach salad at a time that they will somehow start getting used to it. Nope. I’ve tried that; It just doesn’t work.

Luckily, spinach is pretty easy to sneak into foods. If they have an aversion to even seeing green in their food, then putting it in darker sauces is the answer. If they have an aversion to the taste, then adding fruits or other flavors they love is the answer. For my kids, adding crunch and cheese is the way to get them to eat spinach. Whatever your kids’ aversion to spinach may be, these spinach recipes for kids are a sneaky way to get this power veggie into your family’s diet. Check them out in the slideshow.


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