Simple Pizza Ideas For Summer

We are big fans of simple pizza meals in the summer.


It is so easy and fun to stretch out some dough, top it with lots of cheeses and healthy veggies and make it into a meal. Lately, I’ve been topping mine with the last of our frozen pesto from last summer. It is perfect because we just planted our herb pots and are all set ot make pesto again this year! Sometimes I make white pizza with no oily sauces, and sometimes I just go for the classic cheese. Here are our favorite simple pizza ideas for summer. What is your favorite topping? —

1. Mushroom Arugula Pizza: Top pizza with fresh mozzarella, sliced mushrooms, and a handful of arugula.

2. Pesto Tomato Pizza: Top pizza with a swipe of fresh pesto, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes!

3. Caramelized Onion & Artichoke Pizza: A rich pizza full of sweet onions and healthy artichoke hearts!

4. Rustic Flatbread Pizza: Truly authentic, this delicious flatbread pizza is a cinch to make and the whole family will love it!