How To Roast A Pepper

On your burger, as a side, made into an hors d’oeuvres, and so on. 

Sure, you can buy jarred roasted peppers, and some are pretty good, but if you have a few extra moments, I encourage you to try it yourself.  I promise you’ll love the result.  The smoky, charred, delicious flavor will typically be superior that those you can buy, and it’s a pretty cool process.  So I say, give it a go!  Here’s my method:

No need to wash the peppers, as you’ll ultimately be removing the skin.

You can do this on the BBQ grill, or on your stove burner.  Whichever one you choose, you’ll need the fire to be on high.

1.  Place the pepper directly on top of the flame and let it cook for a few minutes.  You’ll hear it crackle as the skin begins to char. 

2.  Use metal kitchen tongs to turn the pepper as each side chars.  It should be mostly, but not completely black.


3.  Place the pepper in a bowl and cover it tightly with plastic wrap.  Let the pepper steam this way for about 5 minutes.  Then remove the plastic and let the pepper become cool enough to touch.

4.  Gently use your hands to peel the blackened skin off the pepper.  It should come off with ease this way, but you can also use the dull side of a paring knife to help.

5.  Use your hands or the paring knife to break the pepper into a few large pieces.  Then use the paring knife on the inside of the pepper to remove any white membranes and seeds. Flip the pieces over to remove any excess skin, if necessary.

6.  Now you can cut your peppers any way you like!


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